noun  |  src·M·L  |  \sōrs-em-el\

1 : an infrastructure for the exploration, analysis, and manipulation of source code.

2 : an XML format for source code.

3 : a lightweight, highly scalable, robust, multi-language parsing tool to convert source code into srcML.

4 : a free software application licensed under GPL.

srcML is supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (CNS 13-05292/05217) and is directed by Principal Investigators Dr. Michael L. Collard and Dr. Jonathan I. Maletic. The multi-year grant (July 2013 - June 2018) is for the enhancement and maintenance of srcML. The goal is to provide a more robust research infrastucture for the exploration, analysis, and manipulation of large scale software systems.

srcML Beta v0.9.5

The latest release - installers and executables. All downloads include the srcml command line interface client and the libsrcml library.

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Linux 64-bit 32-bit

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Ubuntu 12.04

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openSUSE 13.1

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Source Code Release

srcML 0.9.5 Source Code

The README and changelog are also available. Older versions of srcML are available as previous releases.

srcML Tools

Additional srcML-based tools are available at srcML Tools